1. Each of the Starter Kits is built around current sales trends and ratios.  These are evaluated constantly and adjusted accordingly.  New Consultants receive more of the accessories that sell the best. This simplifies the overwhelming task of trying to begin building inventory and sets the new Consultant up for success right out of the gate.
  2. Starter Kits come with business tools that will help each new Consultant learn about their business from day one.  And we plug you into our Facebook Groups!!  We have a proven system to success!
  3. The variety of colors and designs found in a Starter Kit truly maximizes its value.  A new Consultant will find a variety pack of Blockbusters, assorted rings,  and so much more.  To build this type of variety through standard kit purchases, a Consultant would find herself buying over $800 in inventory!*
  4. The variety in a Starter Kit allows a new Consultant to easily gauge what their customers love, taking the guesswork out of restocking.  It’s easy for a new Consultant to see that silver, black, and white pieces sell quickly and that it’s a pretty safe bet to keep Blockbusters in stock.
  5. Among the broad range of accessories found in the Starter Kits, there are several pieces that are completely unique to the kits!  How exciting for a new Consultant to jumpstart their business by offering pieces that no other Consultant will have in their current inventory!
  6. A Starter Kit is literally a ‘party in a box!’  It takes the stress of hosting your first party away by providing everything you need.  Display hooks, party invitations, receipts, and more are all included… for FREE!
  7. Trying to start a Paparazzi business with less than 100 accessories makes it difficult to stay on top of customer demand.  Picture this:  You’re at a party with 20 pieces and you sell ten.  You’ve undermined the chance for true momentum as you rush to replenish your stock.
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