Building a Successful Paparazzi Business

You have fallen in love with Paparazzi Accessories.  You’ve decided to take the plunge and become an independent Paparazzi consultant.  You’ve seen the posts in the Facebook groups, you’ve seen the pictures of huge displays and now you are wondering how🤔, exactly, to build your inventory and turn your starter kit into your dreams.  Here are 10 tips to get you started

1.  You really do get an Incredible value with the starter kits.  If you can afford the middle or large kits, then take advantage of the savings and start there.  The middle and the large kits both come with enough inventory to do a party or two before you will need to reorder. You do NOT EVER want to run out of inventory! Plan accordingly! Over the Holidays shipping usually takes about 2 weeks. Normal shipping to the East Coast is 1 week. 

2. Reinvest. Reinvest. Reinvest.  Your upline may tell you, “The more you have, the more you will sell.”  This is not a trick or a ploy to get you to buy more (increasing her commission) – this is truth.  Women love to have options! (THIS IS SO TRUE) If you have a larger inventory there will be more choices available and every customer you meet will be bound to find something they love.  Once you have your starter kit and your first sales under your belt, it is critical to reinvest your money into more inventory.  It might be hard to hear but I recommend reinvesting 100% of your sales back into jewelry until you have your desired amount. A sweet magical number is around 500! Once I hit that number my sales skyrocketed.  I now have over 2,000 pieces. Don’t let that overwhelm you! You do NOT need to have that much. I am set up in multiple boutiques full time. Plus my own boutique. 

Keep more necklaces on hand than other items.  Generally speaking, I sell more necklaces than anything.  But variety is key.  Grab some gold, even though you hate gold. Pieces that I think are hideous are often my first to sell. 

3.  Define your desired amount.  How much jewelry is too much?  Is there such a thing?  If you identify how large you want your inventory to be you can easily calculate how much of your sales you will need to reinvest.  Once you have “enough” then you can begin keeping the profit for yourself and only replacing the items you sell.  When selecting the number of accessories you would like to have on hand, there are other things to consider as well.  How will you organize your jewelry?  Do you have a space to store the inventory that is out of the extreme heat/cold?  Will it be easily accessible to you? This is all critical questioning when you are thinking about your desired amount of inventory. 

4.  Take advantage of the Paparazzi promotions.  Several times a year, Paparazzi will offer FREE pieces or double hostess rewards with qualifying orders, or FREE summer packs!!  This is FREE inventory.  This is 100% profit in your pocket! Do not miss these opportunities!  Not only is it a great way to build your inventory but it also provides diversity.  Paparazzi chooses these FREE items so it will help you get out of an ordering rut (because we all tend to buy the items that we personally like).

This was our 2018 Pink Friday Special!! Ummmmmmmm yes please!! Mine, ALL mine!!

5. Participate in team contests and challenges.  The Razzle Dazzlerz and Team Fab 5, All have frequent contests designed to help you step out of your comfort zone and grow your Paparazzi business.  These challenges often come with prizes, including jewelry!  Use this to your advantage.  If you happen to win a contest and you have a choice for a prize – choose the free jewelry which you can turn around and sell (or wear it yourself as part of your “marketing” budget 🙂 ).

6. Attend convention and Empower Me Pink. No one throws a party quite like Paparazzi.  The founders love their consultants and take the mission statement seriously!  They love to surprise us and give us amazing perks.  Attending convention and other trainings will benefit your spirit but you will also have the chance to win/earn free jewelry.  Again, this is a great way to build your inventory and to have options that you might not normally choose for yourself. Just for going to these events, you will have access to exclusive jewelry! Trust me, your customers will LOVE these pieces.

I got ALL of this FREE!!!!

7.  Reinvest. Reinvest. Reinvest.  Have I  mentioned that already?   When you are on the Facebook groups or other social media, it is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed and even jealous of other consultants with their huge, fancy displays.  Don’t.  You are on your own journey, your own path.  God has us each on a different journey, and comparing ourselves, well……..that doesn’t get us ahead at all, or even point us in the right direction…. (oops, bunny trail). One of the best things you can do for your business is to have choices and options in your inventory.  Use items you already have at home to build your displays.  Go on a scavenger hunt at thrift stores and garage sales to find other display items.  Save your money on those items so you can increase your inventory.  Once your inventory is where you want it to be and you have solid, regular parties and sales then you can “upgrade” your displays and other business supplies. I have been with Paparazzi for over 5 years! I DID NOT start out, with what I have now!!!

Shippensburg Community Fair 2018

8. Utilize the return policy.  When you receive an order from Paparazzi you have 3 business days to look through your items.  If something is missing or damaged you can call the corporate office and request a return.  If you are in the 3-day time frame please take advantage of this policy.  Paparazzi will credit you for both the item and the postage you pay to ship it back to corporate.(if they ask you to return it)  I’ve heard so many consultants say it’s just too much of a pain to do this.  No it is not.  The corporate office has some of the best customer service I have ever encountered. And now with our brand new online return system, it’s a breeze.  In my time as a consultant I have only had to return a handful of items but every penny counts when you are trying to grow your business.  Don’t shrug this off – take responsibility for the condition of your inventory and utilize the return policy. (Warning, bunny trail…. Returning your items, or as we do now, take a pic and send them, Paparazzi is then made aware that there is an issue.  If they are not made aware, they will not be able to improve in the future.

9.  Maximize your hostess rewards.  When you place an order from Paparazzi you will receive a FREE item for every 10 items you purchase (does not include marketing/display/starlet shimmer).  In your shopping cart this will show up as PV (personal volume).  One item is worth 2 PV so you want your PV to be a multiple of 20.  For example, if I have 9 items in my cart (18PV) I will receive NO hostess rewards.  I will pay for 9 items and receive 9 items.  If, however, I purchase 10 items (20 PV) then I will receive 1 hostess reward with my order.  I paid for 10 items but got 11 items with my order.  Maximize these hostess rewards and you will have a diverse and growing inventory in no time. I take advantage of FREE SHIPPING as well as maximizing hostess rewards.   I get 80 pv.  This puts me over $100 so I get free shipping….. does this make sense?)

10.  Identify the “expensive-looking” accessories.  People are amazed that Paparazzi accessories are just $5.  It’s a great deal!  Generally, the more expensive an item looks the better it will sell.  The blockbuster section is a great example of this.  The accessories in the blockbuster category are timeless, statement pieces that could easily be sold for way more than $5.  Maintain a steady selection of these bold accessories as they will reach a broad audience.  As you sell out of these items you can reinvest to further diversify your inventory. Timeless pearls, you can never go wrong with……have you seen our newest Blockbuster pieces?? I’ve had people offer me $20 for them!!!! (Not only is it against policy to sell for $20, how could I ever do that to someone? Instead they walk away with 4 pieces, feeling like a million bucks💞😍)

Our newest blockbuster Stretch ring!

A Paparazzi business is FUN!  Building your inventory to a manageable and profitable level can take time but it is not something to stress about. You are on your own journey so focus on YOUR business, YOUR customers, and YOUR goals.  Once your inventory is at your desired amount you can enjoy your hard-earned profits.  🙂

If you ever have questions about building your inventory or how to get started with Paparazzi, shoot me a message 

Have a BLESSED Day!

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